Dec 2002
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My last trip to Colombia...


It happens to be my birthday on December 24th, and given the fact that competing with baby Jesus on Christmas eve is quite hard, I've never really celebrated my birthday with big parties full of friends an family. However, I'm used to it, so don't pity's OK, really. I'm used to spend an intimate birthday with close friends during the day, and with the dearest people in my life (my family) at night. The problem is, my mom can't get over it! She's traumatized for having given birth to Melisa on a date when Melisa will never be able to have a normal birthday party. She has tried everything... when I was little she used to try to make me tell all my friends at school that my birthday was on November 15th, so that we could do a party before the christmas crazyness started. She was so serious about it that for a while I would automatically answer Nov. 15th when people asked for my date of birth. In any case, all this to say that last christmas, we were both going to Colombia, so she teamed up with my aunt titi and my friend Sandra in Colombia, and put together a surprise party for me at my grandparents "farm". It was awesome and I was happy not only to see a bunch of my good-old Colombian friends, but also to see that my mom felt extremely excited about having pulled together a "real" birthday party for me. Voila!


Toro, Alejandra, Felipe, Bibiana, Roberto, Catalina, Diana, Cristina, Felipe, Alejo, Me, Sandra, Mafe and Mafe on a literarily very very sunny birthday!


Everybody...oh I miss lying on the grass to chat....


Yep, I'd forgotten that my mom was a children animator one day, so she saw the chance to organize a treasure hunt...yep, that's my mom!


Last clue, although Juan Carlos seemed to already know where the treasure was, Mafe was the one who found it and he was horrible enough to steal it from her...shame on you pelaito!


Nico and Manu, two of my handsome little cousins. Well, being 13 and 16, they are both a lot taller than me, so maybe the "little" doesn't apply anymore.


Mafe, Me, Felipe and Cristina.


Another handsome cousin. He's 10 and pretty much everytime I see him, he is wearing a cast. This year he definetely had to drop his prominent motocross journey, fo the sake of his bones!


Carmelita and I.


A chiva!


All Pablo wanted for christmas was to go to Villa de Leyva and look for fossils!


A moment, a flower, Melisa and a camera.


Tatiana, Me, Titi, Pia, Carolina, Pia's husband, Mauricio Andres and Ligia.


Roberto, Cata and Alejo.


Still people running looking for clues..


After all that running, only a good Ajiaco and some beer would have kept my friends alive!


Ok, horrible picture, but I really had to mention these people. My long lost cousins Tatiana and Mauricio. I actually just met them about a year ago, and I hate my family for not having introduced us before....awesome people!


Blowing, blowing.


I had to take this picture. That's Manu with Braids! Yo man, he's a rapper!




Another Chiva.


Future archeologists examines a fossil with his assistant!


If homework can't get him to concentrate, the excitement for what is there to discover in a desert certainly can.