What's up with me?
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Right here I just post what's up with me.
Am I happy? busy? tired? sick? It is my way to tell you what I've been up to. This is the page where I'll put the latest pics too!

Feb 20th, 2002

This is the first draft of my project. Can you see me somewhere there?? I am not narcisist or anything but that clown face went perfectly there!

photoshop project

And the final Product.......



Yes, Jussi can cook! His meat-loaf with blue cheese is the best I have ever eaten, right Anja?

Thanksgiving Potlock
Yes, thirtyfive people in my house is a little bit too much, but it was a great potlock!


Katherine, Morgan, Hector, Lukas, Tomas, Bernardo, Patrick, Miia


Charlotte, Bernardo, Miia, Patrick

Pasta Pasta!
On the Wednesday after thanksgiving I made a Pasta night at my place with some of my classmates. It was great and Jacinthe made the best spinach dip ever!!


Janet, Jean-Charles, Karine, Me, Will, Craig, Jessica, Dan, Kevin, Karine, Chris (Picture taken (stolen) from Esther's website, thanks Es!)

Halloween 2002!


Yeeeeh! Halloween was here and Gonzalo also! He was supposed to be in Germany but came down last week for a few days! Oh, the comodities of being millionaire...he, he. If you want to see more Halloween pictures go to the Montreal page!

Yes, this all looks very fun, but that's because I usually don't take pictures of myself studying or working, otherwise, hell, this page would be full of them! I'm busy all the time and although I guess I like it because otherwise I wouldn't be that busy, sometimes it's a bit too much. I've heard all types of magic things I can do for my "busyness" (do you actually spell it the same as business??): "drop CISA", "get a boyfriend", "quit work", "trash your cell"...... but unfortunately none of them is really feasable right now. I'm going to Colombia soon though, so that's going to be a nice break....

November 30th
Well, only one paper and the website to go! In a week from now I will be close to landing in Bogota. I just broke one of my toes by the way, God did it hurt! You know when you accidentally hit something super hard with your BARE  foot, ouch :-(
Last night I finally went out for a bit! I managed to hand in my paper two days late and then relax for the night with some people singing and dancing songs in spanish from when I was 12 in Momentos!!!! Dancing a couple of merengue songs was good for a change. Now, I still have to do school work, but Camilo is moving to Spain very soon so he has a party tonight, plus the last CISA party is tomorrow....hopefully I'll finish my stuff by Wednesday!! Oh yeah, I only have one class to go to on monday, and that's it!!

Here's our CISA team from this year, except for Stan who was absent.





LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is in the air...
Yep, for those of you who are's Tommy. Rarely you are lucky enough to find someone that makes you feel electric waves from head to toes everytime you touch each other. I have found a caring, smart, serious, honest handsome and sweet guy who is ready to walk the world by my side. Holding hands we'll go far...



Montreal Student Film and Video Festival
Happy, happy Melisa. "Guilt" the 3 minute experimental video about the war in Colombia that I so much worked on, was selected to be shown in the Montreal Student Film and Video Festival. A second 1 minute piece that I worked on with Tommy was also selected; that one was about "escalator etiquette". "Guilt" won a prize for best sound, for which I cannot take any credit, because it was all Jonathan's work! Congrats Jon, it was a great soundtrack!
Thanks to Pili, Mike, Tave, Kathrine, Linda, Lukas, Patrick, Morgane, Synnove, Phillippe, Anja, Mo, mom and Pedro for coming to see my work!

March 27th

Well, the "what's up with me" section didn't really work. I'm not very good at keeping it up to date, however, I will keep it and put things up every time I feel like it. Anyways, I have been quite busy with school lately but I love what I do so it doesn't matter. Benoit and I won an award for "Outstanding contribution to student life" in Concordia and we'll have the ceremony on April 5th. CISA is doing great and my plans to go to china this summer are still up. I just have to get 1500 freaking canadian dollars for the flight ticket! Here's a more "mature" draft of my photoshop project which is a poster against war; any feedback is deeply appreciated. Ok people, that's all for now. Talk to you soon, MELISA :)


I am happy to share with you the fact that Concordia University made me one of the four undergraduate students who receive an award for "Outstanding Contribution to student Life" anually! The ceremony was on friday and my friend and partner Benoit and I received the award for our work with CISA! There is about one week left of school and then there is just a long and fun summer!

New CISA Prez!

And here is the awesome, the amazing, the powerful, the passionate, the crazy, the successful, the invencible, the super-hyper-mega cool team of Co-Presidents for CISA 2002-2003. Yes, Synnove and I were elected CISA Co-Prez for this year. Ehem, ehem,... thankyou, thankyou, we know we're great.


Background: Linda, Ana Cris, Karl
Front: Melisa and Synnove


Even in Formula One the Colombian-Finnish connection is obvious. There they were Jussi (being Finnish) with the Colombian flag on his face, and Jhury (being colombian) with the Finnish flag on his face during the 2002F1 in Montreal.


August/02. Anja and I in one bright morning trying to make arepas!


Synnove, Phillipe and me!


Prez in Action!
The CISA Halloween party was a success again!


Johanna, Me, Tiphaine and Mariana at a house-warming party1

November 23rd
Well, here I am procrastinating a liitle bit again! I am overloaded with work...I have still three big papers to write, one website to build, a video to edit and a documentary to plan all in the two weeks I have left before I go to Colombia for the holidays!
Yesterday I took a CISA group Ice Skating, and of course I had to skate too! For those of you who remember the terrible show I used to give while Ice-Skating, I am very proud to say that I only fell twice in two hours and I did not brake my arm this time! Also, Stan, Synnove, Lukas, Regis and this nice french guy whose name I  can't remember, were great  to me and helped me out all along, THANKS GUYS! alright, back to the books...

January 9th 2003
Ok, so I am back from Colombia after a great vacation. It was a quiet time spent with family and friends, and I had the opportunity to relax. I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed as soon as I arrived, so I was down for a week and a half. Soon I'll be putting up pictures from my trip, so come back to check them out!

February 10th
I'm just coming back from the first and only rehearsal of our studio final and I am cream crackered! Sooooo tired. However, Patrick sent me this picture and I'm taking the time to upload it. Last week I was at work @ 6:30pm and Pat called to offer me a ticket to go see Our Lady Peace in concert at 7:30pm! I actually managed to get someone to replace me at work and I managed to go to the concert. My mood had been down for a couple of days, so it was great timing! The show was good and we got free doughnuts on our way out!


March 18th..
CISA's Wine and Cheese
The last Wine and Cheese I hosted. It was a nice event full of diplomats, Concordia staff and students as usual. Lots of food and enough wine for once! I start to really get into the feeling of letting CISA go.... last speech.