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flavour what I am as the spirit rises and bleeds through the unconscious. reach through painful clouds. touch memories that blend with hope. initiate the journey through a sky of guilt. watch me breathing time with agonizing passion. understand the incoherent as the white dreams freeze and everything starts again.




Guilt is a visual self-reflexive monologue. In other words it is a piece that expresses visually how I feel about something that has to do with me.
Since I was very young I wondered about my privileged position within a society hit by the hostility of severe class segregation. Why was I able to go to school and buy clothes while others were begging on the streets for food and shelter?
Colombia has suffered a guerrilla war for close to 40 years, nevertheless, because of my social status, I grew up in an environment that kept me isolated from the conflict. Although thousands of people were dying on the country side, I never encountered any type of direct violence.

The file is an MPEG-4 saved as a Quick Time Movie. You should be able to see it by clicking on the link.



Having moved to Montreal and been away from home for a long while, allowed me the distance to be able to look back and reconcile a lot of the emotional confusion regarding the war and my role within it. Guilt is the product of a serious criticism and a humble questioning about an important issue that is so close to me, but yet so far. It's outside my car window in every corner of Bogota, but it's the last thing on my mind when I am eating my fancy dinner at the trendy sushi restaurant. All guilt is, is my own wake up call (because I cannot wake up anyone else....everyone has to have their own wake up call). It's a call that says that I have to acknoledge my privileged position and ask myslef what am I doing to help


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those who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford education, or time, or the resources to make a difference.

Guilt is a mosaico of video and sound material. The soundtrack is a key element of the piece. It was composed by Jonathan Shedletzky simultaneously as the video was being structured. The text at the beginning, during and at the end of the video, helps to contextualize the content, but it also adds one extra layer in trying to assimilate the flashy and quick visuals with the concrete soundtrack. Your own experience becomes the basis of your interpretation and therefore of the meaning you assign to it.

Even if you have a DSL or Cable connection, you'll probably have to wait a bit for it to download so please be patient.